SCMplus1 — A Cloud based Software to Manage Supply Chain for Manufacturers

We’re continuing our journey from where we left at PuneConnect. SCMPlus1 is a cloud-based supply chain management software provided as a SaaS to Manufacturer, Retailers and all in the supply chain Organizations.

It’s not too hard to understand this software. SCMplus1 gives you statistics of the inventory of an company ‘dynamically’. According to them, SCMplus1 have a Unique Dynamic Inventory Management Algorithm that can dynamically monitor the Inventory and have the best in supply chain management and the latest technologies (such as mongo DB) to help companies bring the visibility into their inventories very easily.

SCMplus1 uses colors to showcase the various status of an Inventory-

  • Blue- Very high inventory
  • Green — High inventory
  • Yellow- Right inventory
  • Red- Low inventory
  • Black- Stockout inventory zone

In this way you can monitor and understand the status — and then accordingly decide and plan. It’s very hard for me to explain it fully (cause not domain!, but I’ll try my best). Here are the Features and the USP of the product made by Ennovate

  • Gain Visibility of Material
  • See what is in hand, in transit, in quality inspection
  • Check the Plan what to replenish, how much to replenish and the color priority
  • Single priority system across the supply chain
  • Suppliers suppliers can view customers customer demand
  • Easy to understand Signalling system for action
  • Black means stockout and gets the most urgent attention
  • Red means shortage and gets the urgent attention
  • Yellow is the right inventory and need only plan
  • Green and Blue means high inventories and needs attention by Sales and Marketing people
  • Analytics for Continous improvement
  • Time based charts of individual SKUs and their consumption and inventory patterns
  • Historical stockouts and availability graphs
  • Pinpoint reasons of stockouts and high inventories for corrective actions
  • Top management dashboards for sales and inventory turns.

Their Unique Selling Point –

1. Unique Dynamic Inventory management algorithm
2. Software offered as SaaS (software as a service)
3. Unique Supply Chain Analytics and Decision Support Our competitors are SAP/ Oracle/ BaaN and their SCM offerings.

This is what Ennovate has to say –

Cloud-based SCMPlus1 can dramatically improve ERP forecast execution by addressing well known functionality gaps in MRP and ERP systems. Scmplus1 adds an entirely new set of capabilities to supply chain organizations; capabilities that transform the way planners, buyers and suppliers collaborate, execute and measure supply chain.

Editor’s Note — Yeah, I’m Sorry for my lack of interest cause it was difficult for me to explain it, which can misdirect you. But if you want to know more about this product- I’ve shared the links below (end of this article). These Links were quite hard to find, ‘I wonder why?’. Anyway, let’s take a look at the profile –

Product — SCMplus1


Company — Ennovate

Ennovate Logo

Founded — Jun 2014

Funded — Self Funded

Members –

Dayanand Deshpande (CO-Founder and CEO)Ravindra MaknikarRahul Kharwadkarand 6–20 others

Competitors –

SAP, Oracle, BaaN

ScreenShots –

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January 15, 2019

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