Here is what happened at PuneConnect 2015 and list of startups showcased

First of all, let me thank PuneConnect organizers to help us join this amazing event, PuneConnect 2015. So before we begin, let me tell you that there were more that 180 applications registered for showcase and pitch to SEAP. Out of which 28 got selected and all of them are from Pune itself.

The event was in The Westin hotel and when we arrived at the location it was like this — (sorry, had a bad phone cam)

The morning session by Amit Phadnis and followed by panel discussion was great, but the real showstoppers were startups. Since there were plenty, we left all the sessions and went on to cover all the startups in the arena.

Taking our video equipment and interviewing each one of them. This time, we took better sound capture tool (jugad!) and in the rush we miss taking photos with them. Anyway, Arjun has taken some video screenshots so you don’t miss this in action (coming soon).

Unfortunately in this 6-hour run we still miss 5 startups, from which one won the 1st prize — Navstik, damn!. Anyway, but still there are remaining 23 startups which are extremely worth the time.

All the videos will be uploaded soon and here is the thing, we are also planning to podcast the audio, yes. We hope that this will help startups to maximum reach.So, keep up the good work SEAP and we’re already excited to see startups in the next PuneConnect event.

So here are top 5 startups who got selected in “top 5 shootouts” out of 28 startups –

  • Arcyus — Image-based search engine for Online retailers. They claim to be more accurate than any-other in the market and our experience with Arcyus was good as well, but they said that they are creating an aggregator website rather that working with Online retailers because of restriction on third party services by big online retailers, like Flipkart or Amazon. It’ll be like Junglee for goods with Image search engine. Interesting to look for. Here is the demo link.
  • CarOk — Portal to compare and book garages for your car servicing and repairs.
    One interesting feature of CarOk is “Inspections”, which let customer to ‘inspect’ his car from CarOk experts for any damages in the car before taking to garage. For which CarOk will charge Rs.100 more. They claim to have connected 2000+ Pune customers with more than 30 garages and service centers till date. Operating in Pune only.



Below are the list of other startups which got selected from 180 applications. I’ve sorted them according to categories, in-case if you’re searching from certain category –

  • Mobile
  1. InTouchApp — It is the Dropbox for Contacts. It’s like collaborative contacts database within users.
  2. NetaG by LightVision Tech Pvt.Ltd — It bridges the communication between politicians and citizens to exchange views and get civic issues resolved.
  3. Loco Cabs — A aggregator platform for booking cabs from multiple cab operators (like Ola, Uber)
  4. Quinto — It recommends the best dishes to eat at places through a chat interface with automated and personalized responses.
  • E-Commerce
  1. MeatRoot — Specialty online meat store.
  2. MuhurtMaza — Online pooja Booking service through their website and app.
  3. SweetsInBox — Delivering Authentic Specialty food marketplace.
  • Social
  1. TheFootballMind — The world of football brought in one place for ease of communication, networking and management. Read our take of this startup here.
  2. Jobhash — Social profiling and machine learning based mobile-first talent discovery and engagement platform.
  3. Mooshak — Social Twitter-like platform for region (basically- Hindi) languages.
  4. PlayFiks — It is a sports and fitness ecosystem to help people connect and build community.
  • Software (Analytics alike) –
  1. ImageProVision — They build Microscopic Image Analyser tool which provides in-depth particle analysis and particle classification of the Image uploaded.
  2. Assertion by SmarterHi — Making Audits Automation, Effortless and Inexpensive.
  3. BlueWired — Control and monitor your home from anywhere in the word using your mobile phone with power consumption and repairs.
  4. Flint by Infiverve — It is a lean IT process Automation and orchestration platform for IT infrastructure and applications.
  5. IOTA by TWP Labs — Innovative Options Trading Analytics, a product for easy analysis and visualization of options trading strategies IOTA, FX Dashboard, TWIT analytics. Click here for our coverage.
  • Productivity
  1. Kommbox by Acism — Communication system created for organizations.
  • Health
  1. InJarwis — Behavioral health care service discovery and delivery platform.
  2. KidNurture — It is software platform for all pediatric aregivers to provide holistic nurture to children under their care.
  • Advertising
  1. PrimeHoardings — It is marketplace for hoarding owners and customers to find and book anyhoarding through your smartphone
  2. AdClever — First-of-its-kind in south-east Asia enterprise solution for bringing DataScience in outdoor ad space media.
  • Education
  1. eRiyaz — A platform to build the strong musical foundation and learn to sing in precise pitches.
  • Hardware
  1. Sunveg — SunVeg helps to produce a range of Solar Dried Vegetables and Fruits dried using their innovative Solar Dish Dryer.
  • Media
  1. Trendzlink — It summarizes news, analyses opinions and creates the timeline for news that you want to follow.
  • Other Startups to note –
  1. SocialHelpouts — A platform to help Job seekers to find jobs using their own social network.
  2. DealOCity — It helps you find best deals by best shops across Pune. (Electronics, mattress, furniture, guitars and all )
March 11, 2019

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