‘Demos And Showcase’ Meetup Recap — Gadgets and IoT is Evolving

People are doing lot of exciting stuff outside the box. Chips like Raspberry Pi and Arduino have changed the way developers can think of an application. Today Tengible visited a very informative Meetup “Demos and Showcase” organized by Nishant Mod­ak and Anuj Deshpande. As the name says, there was a showcase of various gadgets and application people are working on and also how it works.
 There are some fantastic Projects showcased in the Meetup. So without wasting a sec, let’s dive into it –

  • Pump Control System (Using ‘Mobile Phones’)-

Pump control system by Vikas

Very nice concept by Vikas Gaikwad. Basically, if there are number of motors in a farm. A farmer can simple ‘call’ a Number to switch off or ON particular Motor. There is a device he had developed for that. Check out vksgaikwad3.wordpress.com

  • Laser Harp –

Laser Harp  - Rituparna

I think you got my point. Rituparna have developed a violin without string, but using laser to generate music. So, when you wave your hand it will generate the same music as it will do ‘with Strings’, Interesting right!
 His twitter Username — @Mrrituparna

  • Pune.io (Trying to Make City Smart)-


This project is one of the highlights of the show. Mithilesh, Tanmayee, Snehal, Anuj and Nishant are developing a gadget which can sense information like Temperature, humidity and so on using Gyroscope, accelerometer and various sensors built into it. Main part is, all the collected data will be updated in the Pune.io database which can be accessed by any person (like developers). Where anyone can develop an application based on this data. It’s basically like Open-API for developers.

One Application — When installed in a car they can tell you the location of ‘Speed breakers’ on a road.
 It’s a great project and since Smart cities are the hot topic currently. This has a lot of possibilities. We have contacted them and they are ready to share some info about the idea. Which will be shared soon.
 Check out- Pune.io

  • Aura Home Automation –

Rituparna of Aura

Aura is basically a home Automation startup. Rituparna showed us one demo like Switching off ‘lights in the room’ using Browser interface. It has wide applications like ‘Disabling devices in the office by one click’, ‘Monitoring and controlling all the devices connected to the Wifi Network’ and so on. It’s a great Idea. They are working on it to make it a reality.
 Check Out — www.aurahome.in

  • Projects by Eshan Singh –

Eshan Singh With the Project

  1. A 6-standard kid showed us how you use technology in fun way.
  2. Controlling Presentation Slides by Touching each other body.
  3. Generate Sound by banging Oranges (Yeah! funny stuff)
  4. Generate Piano Music by simply tapping on ‘Piano-draw’ paper.
  5. Control Pacman by Controller which is drawn on the paper.
  • Control Quadcopter using Bluetooth –

Quadcopter by Ali Asger Modi

I was thinking about this too, but just having an Idea doesn’t work. Ali Asger Modi have developed a Quadcopter which can be controlled by a Mobile Device connected via Bluetooth. He had developed an Android Application using which he can control it.
 Check Out — AliAsgermodi.github.io

  • Water-Soil Indicator –

Unfortunately, after the event I did not get the time to meet the developer. The idea is bit unclear to me, but what the gadget basically do is — make a sound when ‘Water ratio’ in the soil becomes less. Nice idea, by the way.

  • Floor Piano –

As the name says, Rohit Gupta has designed a piano type interface on-the-floor, where when someone steps a specific Node it will generate specific Sound. They have experimented it in ‘Phoenix Mall’ here is the video below –

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMV_lfypvD4?feature=oembed]

In the End, Amit Chitale shared his thoughts about the event and informed us that ‘Nasscom Product Conclave’ is around the corner and why we must visit it. That’s it, after meeting people the event ends here.

Amit Chitale at Demos and Showcase Event

Overall it was a great event. I really wish this talent and creativity must be shown on a global platform as well and such a great knowledge must be shared with others how sharing the same passion to disrupt the Technology.

January 15, 2019

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