21 Startups showcased in Nasscom Product Conclave, Pune

Must Read — This is what happened at Nasscom Product Conclave, Pune

Here is the list of startups we covered at Nasscom Product Conclave Event in Pune. Although we were eager to know more about the idea, but we understand time constraints. We saw some promising startups at the event and while few of them might have to run a bigger miles. Anyway, we’re not judging anyone lets dive into startups we saw at the Nasscom Product Conclave Pune edition.
(First 5 startups are the winners in the event)

  • Voconow (1st) — Probably this idea is most interesting of all, Voconow is an app that makes print Ads interactive. Now, what really meant by interactive? Anand Kulkarni (Founder) demo the App in the event, like, if a particular ‘ad’ in the Newspaper (Print Ads) is supported with Voconow then just open the app and adjust the camera of the mobile phone on the ad (just like scanning QR code). Now, if in the Ad there is a Model then the tap on the model and yes! the model will pop up like a 3D design. Check this image although image does not justify the feature but you can guess –
  • Secondly, if you again tap on the same model then a video will be played where same model will be wearing same clothes in the video. Great! you can find or purchase right through the app as well.
  • JustAarogyam (2nd) — It is cloud-based Electronic Health Records for Patients, Doctor and Other HealthCare service Providers. JustAarogyam is basically a platform where a patient can upload his reports or any details and a Doctor can check and review their patient’s same details or reports on the fly. The best part is that they integrated with Instruments connected to Internet (IOT devices) so that the patient using such device, details can be continuously updated. They even have a Mobile App for all platforms ready to roll. Besides this, you can find and book appointments with Doctors as well.
    JustAarogyam is officially live. You can check it out. Although you can’t SignUp because you need to be a Doctor or any healthCare service providers.
  • CAdashboard (3rd)– CAdashboard is a first of its kind platform for CA and SME clients. It provides features like
    Centralized Document management
    Dashboard provides the snapshot of Financial Health, Task Status, Employee Performance
    allocate and track work for your practice
    Automatically manages Employees and Interns
    Manage Revenue and Costs
    multiple customer-specific, employee specific & financial reports.
  • AutoDCR (Product by Softech) (4th) — It is the solution for automation in Building plan approval processes, which reads CAD drawings and maps the same with building control regulations for approval. SoftTech confirmed that they already have paid clients using this software and one of them is Pune Municipality.
  • AppVigil (5th)- One of our personal favorite. Appvigil is a cloud-based Android App Security scanner which helps android app developers and enterprises identify the security vulnerabilities and loopholes in their apps in few minutes. They already have 500+ registered developers globally.
  • KiranaSaver — An App which provides Location based list of home delivery shops (Online or offline), also compare discounts on grocery items as well. KiranSaver app is successfully running in few locations in Pune.
  • TalentOjo — This startup is one-of-the favorite as well. Talentojo helps organizations to choose best skills applicant from list of job applications. Some of their features are
    Codetrix — Code assessment engine which lets applicants solve coding problems and provides the score based on various parameters.
    Relevancy Gun — A complex algorithm to automatically find the best candidate in a click.
    Segregator — It helps to find best-suited candidates for each job for effective utilization and walk-in drives.
  • Systools’s MailXaminer — Its an Email Forensic tool to simplify Post-investigation. MailXaminer is developed for cyber investigators to examine and study the emails. One of the features includes smart case management feature which includes tagging to highlight important, bookmark, suspected emails.
  • Yo-app — Its a local connectivity app to explore your surrounding by connecting with nearby people or business. You can share your thoughts, get messages of campaign/offers/ads from local merchants.
  • Juvlon — It’s an Email and SMS marketing tool. Juvlon provides –
    Permission-based Email Marketing software
    Bulk SMS Services to opt-in Users/Customers Only
    PrimeNetwork is a list broking service that offers a platform for publishers and advertisers to do business together.
  • 1mobility — Its an Enterprise based Mobility Management solution which provides features like- the Containerization of Apps, Analytics and threat management, mobile device management, BYOD management, Data loss prevention and more.
  • AugmentIQ’s Customer Centricity — It provides 360-degree view of the customer. It analysis Customer’s interests, behavior, transactions, interactions, contexts for better engagement with the customer.
  • Cloudlytics — It is AWS cloud log Analytics and Management tool for S3, ELB, CloudFront, CloudTrail and AWS Bills. Provides features like — Track Unauthorized access attempts, identify geographic location of audience, user behavior pattern with billing alarms, automatic switching on/off of EC2 instances and more.
  • theCoffeetable.in — They provide add audio and video calling services to your website or web app. All the infrastructure and technical work are handled by them.
  • Breezom — It is a cloud integration platform for apps, devices and data. It integrates devices, popular consumer applications and enterprise systems to support IoT and Cloud infrastructure. Using data and alerts from devices Breezom allows various stakeholders, build customized processes or workflows.
  • Inteliment’s TAF — Text Analytics Framework (TAF) developed by them provides tool that captures, processes and presents large amounts of textual data to discover the hidden patterns. Some of the features are- Classifying and Categorization, Capture by translating natural feedback and more.
  • e-zest’s SCORM offline Player — SCORM offline Player by e-zest Solutions is an HTML SCORM course player that makes your courses mobile-ready without touching your code or content. Basically, it enables your course to run offline, outside the browser and interoperable.
  • QSpectrum — QSAutomate allows users access to a pool of mobile devices of various configurations. These devices could be at the local office, or at another office site or at the QSpectrum server. Testers can build customized test suites dynamically and run it against desired build on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • MaxSimos’s Yujex — Its a social based Platform which uses Top-Down business use-cases driven apprach to help employees connect-engage-collaborate-interact and other services. They also provide role and organization level dashborads and analyics for engagement.
  • Kpoint — It is a cloud-based enterprise video platform, that makes your video content discoverable, mobile and social. kPoint enables organizations with a complete range of do-it-yourself tools, packaged as an integrated platform, for use of videos in the enterprise. Already in use by many high-profile companies.
  • Tirubaa Eduprojector — A projector made for rural or remote areas. Some of the features include
    1) TI DLP Projection Technology + Osram Led Lamp Up To 50000 Hours Life
    2) Multiple Video Formats: MPEG2, MPEG4, MP4, RMVB/VOB
    3) Solar Power Connectivity for Rural Areas

and That’s all! we saw 20 startups at Nasscom event. Which one do you like the most? or you think can have chance to succeed further? let us know in the comment section below –

March 11, 2019

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