Pluto Drone


  • Programmable: Indigenous Primus V3R Flight Controller with Cygnus IDE
  • Robust & Durable Design: Crash Resistant
  • Built-In Charging Socket. 50 minute Charging Time. Flight Time: 6-8 mins
  • Smartphone Controlled (App: Pluto Controller – available on App Store and Play Store)

Pluto Programmable Crash Resistant DIY Quadcopter Smartphone Controlled Nano-Drone with Rechargeable Battery (ICY Teal)

Launched with a vision to create the ecosystem for drone innovations, Pluto is the perfect DIY nano-drone platform for beginners. The DIY feature lets users build and learn drones hands on. It is insanely robust and can sustain lots of crashes – so beginners can make mistakes without having to worry. To avoid the hassle of carrying an external joystick, Pluto is controlled by a simple smartphone app – Pluto Controller. The user-friendly app, available on Playstore and App Store, allows for customised user-specific flying experience and troubleshooting. Pluto’s flight controller PCB Primus V3R is designed and manufactured in India, thereby assuring quality. The board is equipped with 10 DoF sensors including Accelerometer, a Magnetometer, a Barometer and a Gyroscope. Armed with the Magis 1.0 firmware, it provides for extremely stable and customisable flight experience. Magis 1.0 is open source firmware that can be easily customised and programmed with Cygnus – a free license available IDE packed with easy APIs. For those looking to graduate to next level, Cygnus and Pluto offer the perfect platform to deploy your ideas on the drone. With these features, Pluto is used as a prototyping platform by college students, STEM learning platform by school students and perfect hobby flying drone by enthusiasts. Overall, with its DIY Format, durability and open-sourced firmware, Pluto can be used as a platform to learn and experiment about drones and understand them. College students also often use it for their projects and school students use it as a STEM learning toy.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60 × 73 × 80 cm


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