IoT Workshop | Work on Arduino Uno & NodeMCU

IoT Workshop | Work on Arduino Uno & NodeMCU


About this course

This is the most effective workshop for IoT (Internet of Things) Enthusiasts. In this module, you will get to understand basics, Applications & Advance to building your IoT project from an industry professional. Check out his Profile here.


We only work with working professionals who have exact knowledge of this ever-changing tech industry.


Plus, this training has a customizable schedule. That means, we schedule your training according to your and trainer prefer timings and dates. Also, you can attend every session from your office or any place.

  • Details
    • Customizable schedule.
    • 3 hours after-training assessment.
    • Get recorded Sessions
    • Assignments during training
    • 1 demo session with the trainer before starting this training, if you don’t like it, we fully refund your amount.

  • Points
    • Total time = 18 hours , total sessions = 6
    • 1 session = 3 hrs/day & 2 Sessions = 1 Topic (this is customizable between trainer and you)
    • Enquiry – +91 8668806362

Introduction to IoT
  • History of IoT
  • How it Works?
  • Connected Devices
  • Projection of connected devices
  • Industry 4.0
  • Future of IoT
Few Application of IoT
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Building
  • Smart City
  • Smart Farming
  • Smart Industry
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Vehicles
Introduction to Arduino Uno
  • Overview of board (hardware)
  • Overview of Arduino Programming
  • Setting up computer/laptop for development
Practical Round
  • LED Blinking
  • LED intensity control
  • LDR sensor integration
Introduction to NodeMCU (Wifi Board)
  • Overview of board (hardware)
  • Overview of NodeMCU Programming
  • Setting up computer for development
Practical Round
  • LED Blinking
  • LED intensity control
  • LDR sensor integration
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
Advanced IoT protocols
  • Introduction to MQTT
  • MQTT Broker
  • MQTT Publisher
  • MQTT Subscriber
  • MQTT Topic
Practical Round
  • Controlling home appliance via mobile over the internet
  • Get LDR sensor data from device to mobile over the internet
Q&As and Hardware Kit
  • 1 Arduino Uno Board
  • USB Data cable
  • 5 LED bulbs
  • 1 LDR sensors
  • 5 Resistors
  • 40 Jumper cables (M to M and M to F)
  • 1 Breadboard
  • 1 Container box
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How can we trust these trainers?

We only onboard trainers who are an enthusiast, has & doing projects, have atleast 3+ years of experience in that field. Plus, we also evaluate them based on our parameters, which includes questions from their fields and verifying through online proofs. We also share their profiles with our customers to understand them properly.

Free demo policies?

If you’re opting for training sessions for more than 4 sessions

  • Customer will get live 1-hour demo session with the trainer.
  • This will happen before training and customer can only opt for full refund if not suite your need.
  • Full refund will be valid for 6-hours from the demo session.

Below 4 sessions (like for assist/consult) customer will get

  • 1 Pre-recorded video from the trainer.
  • Full refund will be valid for 6-hours from the recorded video sent.

How much per/session last? and money policy for large amount?

We insist trainers to opt for 3 hours/day i.e 1 session and for large number of sessions (like more than 6 sessions) – we divide them into modules and customer have to pay per module consistent with time.

How does our payment system work in general? (for customer’s basic understanding)

  • We collect full final amount from the customer, before training.
  • We hold the amount until the final session is over.
  • After final training session, we transfer 90% of the amount to trainer.
  • Remaining 10% will be transferred after 3 Hrs of after-training session which validates for 2 weeks from the final training session.

Which softwares do we use for training?

It’s not a big secret, but we will only discuss that with selected trainer and customer. And we don’t use Skype or ‘Open-Source’ or ‘in-built’ LMS, these softwares don’t provide that level of experience.

We use software products which are worth $3Bn in the industry.

What if the trainer decided to cancel training in between training?

We assist the trainer and customer about the issue and whether he/she can reschedule it. If not, we refund customer money by cutting ‘our 5% service charge’. The trainer will not receive any amount and we assist customer for new trainer. Plus the trainer will get negative points, which will impact the trainer recommendation to other customers.

What if the customer decided to cancel before training or after 1st session of training session?

If the customer decides to cancel training after ‘6 hrs waiting time’ (from Demo session or demo video) or even after 1st session of training –

  • We then deduct ” full 1 session + 10% service charge” from the customer amount and refund it to customer.

What if customer’s feedback is bad after the ‘last training session’ (during 12hrs validity period)?

Payment will be still transferred to the trainer, but then the trainer will be excluded and get negative points from recommending to our new customers. (we’ll be maintaining a rating system from our end to sort all trainers according to their categories)

Can we get trainer’s phone number?

No, we maintain trainer’s privacy. Any conversation like video call and text assisting will be done within the app itself. Neither we share customer’s phone number.

‘3 + 3 hours’ during and after training assist policies?

  • These are two different sessions, and it’s upto the customer to utilize it. A trainer ‘must’ attend or schedule this if the customer asks for it. (or penalty will be raised)
  • A trainer can ‘increase’ this session hours (but cannot charge for them). We suggest trainers, to take the unattended questions during 3 hrs session – on text within the app.
  • ‘First 3 hours’ can only be utilized during training, not after the training.
  • Last 3 hours will be exhausted after 2 weeks of the final training session. (That’s when 10% of the remaining amount will be transferred to trainer)

What if the trainer insists on changing the schedule or don’t attend the sessions on time?

If the trainer insists on changing the schedule before training, it’s upon customer to reschedule or training will be canceled. In case of during training, customer can reschedule or cancel the training and apply for full refund. We’ll assist with trainer to understand the problem and refund full amount to customer (cutting our 5% service charge). Also, trainer will get negative points which we hamper his/her recommendation to new customers.

How many rescheduling are allowed by customer or trainer?

There can be many natural or un-natural reasons for not attending or rescheduling. We usually allow 2-3 rescheduling by trainer or customer during training.

How should we report misconduct or abuse?

You can message us directly within the app by mentioning @theenthu or Direct message. Since we keep the record of every text, audio and video conversation within the platforms, you can notify us immediately and we assist you personally during this situation.

Payment options for customers?

You can choose from online Banking, Paytm and Google Pay.