Experience matters
a lot

The Why?

To understand why we are so focusing on EXPERIENCE, you have to understand core problem of our education system.
When I was a tech blogger (2013), I use to ask my friends ( their friends and their friends) regarding what they think about new technologies. 95% of them use to say, “who cares, job milega kya usse?” and 5% of them were like “yeah, I know about it. It’s ok.” (silence).
Now, you must be thinking “yeah, typical engineering students!”. I know right! But is it really their problem that they don’t want to know about new technologies. Why not at least 5% of bright students must try in other areas of tech rather than becoming a scholar at 20-year-old technology. But no! job milega kya!


Ok, let’s get to the point – the problem is that today’s technologies have become complex, instead of teaching them what it does – let them first experience new technologies and then let them decide their future.
who knows, at least 1 student may think of “changing the world, properly” (no copy-pasters shit).

To understand this properly, you may have seen an Auto Engineer saying (when seeing a BMW) – “I want to build/design a car like this”. A civil engineering saying “to built a tower like a trade tower”, this is not because someone taught them to built something. This is because they got inspired and motivated by experiencing the potential and what ‘it can do’ of it.
Have you seen any IT engineer (or any certificated person) saying I want to build something like this. Even experienced Java or .net developer don’t understand why they had chosen that language.
That’s why many of the potential ‘game-changing Young Crowd’ of India are clueless and to be frank- ‘dumb’ in many perspectives.

The Truth

Everyone needs to understand that, the real problems of India can only be understand and solved by a person living in India, not in the US. Same goes for any country in the universe!

That’s why, we are so passionate about bringing new tech gadgets to the masses to let them experience, get motivated and get inspired to build of their own or making the future career of their life.


By setting up experience zones at school and colleges, and building a place for tech enthusiasts to experience – learn – network and work together.

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