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Sdk, Rendering,Canvas,GPU,Drivers,Vector,matrix,OpenGL,Metal for Mac AR,Chrones,Vulcan,Blue design in unreal engine,Unity,Physical engine,Isometric projection,Stereo graphics,Shifted view,WebGL,Firefox a frame,Three.js,Texture and lighting, PhotoGrammatic

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  • Quinston Pimenta (CTO)@graphoarty from QuarkExp will be joining today with us at ''Open VR and AR Meetup". #Excited
  • Tomorrow, we're organizing "Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality" open meetup. Will you join us?⠀
More details here-
  • @ameybansod, a young and an extreme Blockchain/Crypto enthusiast. Meet him tomorrow at our Blockchain meetup to know how and why's of this tech.⠀
Excited! Community get-together.⠀ Event -
#blockchain #cryptocurrency #PuneEvent #pune #meetup
  • We met Saransh Sharma at a meetup and he changed our perspective of how gov is using blockchain/cryptocurrencies for their benefit (rather than public's). His knowledge on this matter is exceptional and we're super happy to see him at our upcoming 'Blockchain/Crypto Enthusiasts'meetup tomorrow.⠀
Our community needs more amazing enthusiast like him.⠀
Saransh Sharma -⠀
#blockchain #cryptocurrency #event
  • Hey guys, we're organising an 'Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiasts' meetup. 
Register -
details -
#event #blockchain #cryptocurrency
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